How our oxygen plants work

The plant control circuit manages the start-up and shut-down of the air compressor, oxygen generator and the Oxicomp oxygen cylinder filler. It also detects any possible operating faults. When a fault is detected, the alarm is triggered and the reserve supply comes into operation. This is all based on the pressure reading selected for the oxygen cylinder ramp and the oxygen pressure selected for the hospital network.

When the network is not consuming all the oxygen produced by the plant, then the control circuit sends a command to the Oxicomp to store the surplus oxygen on the cylinder ramp. Once the cylinders are full and no more oxygen can be stored, then the controller orders the plant to shut down and then the oxygen is automatically consumed from the ramp filled with the surplus oxygen. Once the ramp drops below the selected pressure, then the controller orders the plant to start-up again and the cycle recommences.

Operating diagram

Proceso de funcionamiento de instalación PSA System without an oxygen compressor.
Proceso de funcionamiento de instalación PSA con compresor System with an oxygen compressor for cylinder filling.

The display on the oxygen analyser continuously shows the percentage of oxygen available in the generators and in the plant control panel. Optionally, a datalogger can be used to collect and save the data in an oxygen percentage log.

Once the oxygen level selected for the cylinders drops, then the oxygen compressor starts up to refill them.

It is advisable to rotate the operation of the generators, air compressors and adsorption dryers based on the number of operating hours, in order to alternate their use if necessary and for the correct operation of the plant and a longer service life.

With over-sized air compressors, it is possible to supply medical air to the Healthcare Centre network at no additional cost.


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