Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA)

Our experience in this field and our years of research, have allowed us to identify the advantages and drawbacks of oxygen for direct applications to patients and in the laboratory.

The on-site oxygen and medical air generating system is more reliable and cost-effective than the cryogenic technique, provided of course that the plant is manufactured and installed by specialists in this area, and that this is preceded by a plant study and project.

CEIMSA has already installed and legalised our on-site oxygen and medical air generating and bottling system in a many Spanish healthcare facilities, in army field hospitals and abroad, as an alternative to the supply of liquid oxygen (cryogenic or in cylinders). These plants are currently operating at full capacity and are our best letter of presentation.

European standards and regulations for Healthcare Centres

The European standards and regulations in force for Healthcare Centres, requires the presence of three oxygen supply sources, whilst each source must be sized to cover the total calculated demand of the healthcare centre. Two oxygen generators must be installed with their corresponding air compressors, as the primary and secondary sources of supply. The third reserve supply is the oxygen cylinder ramp with an automatic panel. Most companies manufacturing generators and installing oxygen generator plants, generally install this system.

CEIMSA is the only company in the world to manufacture generators and also oxygen compressors for refilling cylinders. An oxygen compressor not only offers additional reliability, given the fact that the healthcare centre can fill its own oxygen cylinders (large and small), ensure that the ramp is always full, with no need to monitor or to depend on a gas supplier.

With regard to the design and manufacture of the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) medical oxygen generators, it is advisable for the Zeolite to be secured through a system of plates with springs or another similar fixture system. This is to ensure that it remains in place as air passes through it and that it is not knocked and damaged, which would produce dust and the subsequent contamination of the healthcare centre gas network. Those molecular beds containing springs have screwed covers at the top and bottom, whilst those that have no springs have dished ends at the top and bottom. Logically, for the manufacturer, the latter are less expensive to make, however they do not meet the quality and safety required for medicinal use.


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