Highlights of our oxygen plants

Friday, 16 September 2016

The oxygen plants and our on-site oxygen generating systems and medical air generating systems  is more reliable and cost-effective than the cryogenic technique, provided of course that the plant is manufactured and installed by specialists in this area, and that this is preceded by a plant study and project.

The European standards and regulations in force for Healthcare Centres, requires the presence of three oxygen supply sources, whilst each source must be sized to cover the total calculated demand of the healthcare centre. Two oxygen generators must be installed with their corresponding air compressors, as the primary and secondary sources of supply. The third reserve supply is the oxygen cylinder ramp with an automatic panel.

Highlights of our oxygen plants with Pressure Swing Absorption system:

  • Our system produces oxygen from medical air, complying with the Pharmacopoeia parameters.
  • Self-sufficiency. No need to depend on oxygen suppliers.Constant oxygen flow 24/7, whenever and however you want
  • With our oxygen generating system, a medical air network is available at no addition cost.
  • There is no evaporative effect: There is up to 10% evaporation in cryogenic tanks, whilst with this system there is no oxygen gas evaporation. It is therefore possible to control the oxygen actually consumed
  • Full automation: With automatic control to monitor the alarms and govern the different machines forming part of the system, giving start-up and shut-down commands, based on consumption.
  • Reliable product: Highly proven design, high quality components.
  • With remote oxygen plant monitoring to check its operating status. The plant can send malfunction warnings to maintenance personnel mobile phones.
  • The oxygen compressors used to fill the cylinders, operate with a unique, innovative compression system, refrigerated by air cooled cooling fluid, to ensure that the oxygen is delivered at a low temperature.


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