New container-based oxygen plant installation

Monday, 06 March 2017

Ceimsa Electromedicina recently installed a new oxygen and medical-gas generating plant in León. The oxygen plant is installed in a prefabricated container and is the fifth installation of its kind we have made for León.

This is the fifth medical-gas and oxygen generating plant that Ceimsa has installed in León. Installed in an easily transportable prefabricated container and capable of generating 12 m3/h of medical gas and oxygen, the new plant consolidates the good reputation of our installations. Emitting less than 65 dB of noise to the exterior, it is also very silent.

planta de oxigeno en contenedorThe container leaves the factory ready for connection to the hospital’s gas supply system. It is then transported and delivered to its final location, where it is plugged into the mains.

The size of the container holding the oxygen and medical-gas generating plant varies depending on consumption at the hospital, the installation being dimensioned to meet demand.

The internal layout of the container is fully functional, with ventilation, cooling and separate areas with access doors for the generation, compression and filling of oxygen and medical gases.

Everything on the installation is controlled electronically to optimize the plant’s energy consumption, minimise maintenance and extend its service life.


These are the elements and machines which make up the installation:

  • 1 Electrical cabinet
  • 2 Air compressors
  • 2 Impurity-collecting and oil filter sets
  • 1 Air tank
  • 2 Adsorption dryers and impurity-collecting filters
  • 1 Medical-gas tank
  • 2 95% pure O2 generators
  • 2 Oxygen tanks
  • 1 Plant control cabinet
  • 1 Auxiliary filler tank
  • 1 Oxygen compressor up to 200 bar
  • 1 Bottle storage ramp
  • 1 Bottle filling ramp

Find out more on the installation factsheet


   Planta generadora oxígeno y gases medicinales


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